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Royelle’s Classes

You can schedule any of these classes when Royelle is available.  She does not work Mondays or Tuesdays.  Call 281-895-0002 to schedule.

DSC02037_crop DSC02038_crop

Super Duo Crystal Bracelet                                                  Cross on Thing a Ma Jig

DSC02039_crop DSC02040_crop

Pearl and Crystal Pendant                                                     Peacock Bracelet

DSC02027_crop DSC02029_crop

Lone Star Earrings                                                         Lacy Collar

DSC02030_crop DSC02031_crop

3-D Square                                                                   Heart Pendant with Pearls and Crystals

DSC02032_crop DSC02034_crop

Wire Crochet                                                                   Kumihimo with Magatamas



DSC01961_crop  DSC01988_crop

Starburst Earring                                                                       3-D Puffed Heart

DSC01931_crop  DSC02003_crop

Macramé Slide                                                                          Double Hugs and Kisses

DSC02002_crop DSC02001_crop

Elegant Pearl Bracelet                                                              Peyote embellished

DSC02000_crop DSC01995

Super Duo Bracelet

DSC01991_crop_crop DSC01990_crop

Victorian Earring                                                                      Lacy Necklace

Peyote Bracelet                                                                       All in the Loop Bracelet

DSC02010_crop DSC02008_crop

Embellished Peyote                                                              Versa Loom Bracelet I

DSC02007_crop DSC02006_crop

Cross Versa Loom Bracelet II                                               Bracelet on a Loom

DSC02018_crop DSC02017_crop

Pearl Ball Earrings                                                            Brick Stitch Earrings

DSC02016_crop DSC02015_crop

Wire Wrapped Rings

DSC02024_crop DSC02022_crop

Ice Cream Cone Earrings                                                      Lacy Necklace

DSC02020_crop DSC02019_crop

Small Collar Necklace                                                           Egyptian Collar

DSC01986_crop DSC01983_crop

Dutch Spiral                                                                      Right Angle Dangle

DSC01980_crop DSC01979_crop

Lacy Spiral                                                                  Egyptian Collar

DSC01977_crop DSC01968_crop

Crystal and Pearl Necklace                                                    Kheops Ring

DSC01965_crop DSC02025_crop

Peacock Earrings                                                       Santa Earrings